Online Scavenger Hunt

We held an online scavenger hunt during the week leading up to our Closing Celebration on Sunday, April 11th. To participate in our scavenger hunt, participants had to find items found in some of the Team Challenge videos posted on this website starting at noon on Saturday, April 3rd.


Of course we had prizes, we’re glad you asked about that! Those with the most correct answers will be entered into a raffle to win one of our DINE pin hats—filled with new and old pins from different DI affiliates!

Things to Find

  1. An inflatable kangaroo costume
  2. A pit of dangerous salad
  3. A squid puppet going on an Odyssey…or should we say Squidyssey?
  4. Avocados growing from the trees and from the ground.
  5. A video with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Queen Elizabeth, and Clara Barton fighting for women’s rights.
  6. A person who ate an apple and banana from the company Appena and turned into a present!
  7. A lemon-powered light bulb
  8. An epic drum solo with some Sneetches on the beach!
  9. Luigi puts the fire out
  10. A rap battle between life-sized crayons
  11. An actor climbs out and back in a human window.
  12. A video with a character who introduces herself as Edgar Allen Joe
  13. Bobette
  14. A frog with a party hat that gives it special powers, like time travel and telepathy
  15. Aliens! “Run for the hills! Hide your chickens! Cover your eyes!”
  16. A floating pizza box and a floating cat.
  17. The outfit Wiz 3000—a magic mirror that picks your clothes!


  • From The Next Level (Technical): 4
  • From In Theory (Scientific): 3
  • From Epic Remix (Fine Arts): 3
  • From Project Podcast (Service Learning): 3
  • From Critter’s Big Adventure (Early Learning/Rising Stars): 1
  • From Built to Last (Engineering): 1
  • From Case Closed (Improvisational): 2

17 total videos. No two clues are from the same video.

Submitting Your Entry

The Scavenger Hunt ended at noon on Saturday, April 10th, so although you’re still welcome to watch the team videos to spot the clues, we can’t accept any new entries.

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