Team Videos

Watch team-submitted video presentations from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and Pennsylvania starting on Sunday, April 3rd!

Post Messages

What’s your favorite DI moment from this year? Your favorite line from your team’s video? Want to post a message to your team or Team Manager?

Support Your Affiliate

You can help support your DI affiliate by purchasing pins and clothing from our online stores.

Closing Celebration

The Closing Celebration for each participating affiliate will be shown live on Sunday, April 11th at 5:00 PM.

Appraiser Hats

We didn’t want to hold a DI tournament, even a virtual one, without Appraisers wearing funny hats. Vote for your favorite hat now!

No matter where you happen to live, you won’t need to travel far to participate in our online celebration of the accomplishments of the Destination Imagination teams from the Northeast USA!

Our DI Northeast Celebration Week begins on Saturday, April 3rd. Each day will see the rollout of videos from several Team Challenges, with all of the Team Challenge videos available by Wednesday, April 7th. Fun idea — plan a viewing party with your team!

We want to hear from team members and managers alike! We’ve created a message area where everyone can post something great about this season. We also have an Appraiser Hat Contest and a DI Scavenger Hunt!

Finally, please plan to watch the DI Northeast Closing Celebration on Sunday, April 11th starting at 5:00 pm! We’re have separate video streams for the participating DI affiliates, and will post the links to the video streams on our Closing Celebration page shortly before the big event!

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