Message Boards

Each of the tabs on this page displays a Padlet message board. If you’d like to post a message, select the tab for the type of message that you’d like to add, and then click on the plus sign to add a new post. This will take you to the web site, where you’ll be able to post your message (it’s not necessary to set up a Padlet account to add an anonymous post).

NOTE: New posts must be approved by a moderator, so it may take a little while for your note to appear. Posts containing personal identifiable information will not be approved. This includes any posts that contain a person’s full name, or their photograph, video image, address, phone number, email, etc. It’s OK to use someone’s first name, but please omit their last name or use only an initial (e.g. Mary S). Use by children must be done with the guidance, supervision and consent of a parent or guardian.

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