Learning Outcomes

Video Game Design, Video Production, Effective Storytelling, Technical Design and Innovation

Video Game

People all over the world enjoy video games. Video games allow us to laugh, learn, and compete. Video games let us pretend to be different characters while visiting other worlds. Now it’s your turn to use your ingenuity and creativity to create your own video game adventure! Your team will get to design the characters, including one Adventurer with a Special Ability who is on a quest for the Ultimate Prize.


From armor, coins, capes, and costumes to mounts and secret passageways, video games require tools to help you on your journey. Your Adventurer will collect items that will be used to create a tool that helps them on their quest.

Adventurer’s Special Ability

Sometimes you need something extra to overcome the obstacles in your path. Your Adventurer will need a Special Ability in the Video Game. You will demonstrate your technical design and innovation skills to portray the Adventurer’s special ability that will aid in the quest.

Portrayal of the Video Game

Art and cinematic techniques allow the gamer to feel like they are part of the world in a video game. Video game designers use their imaginations to bring fantastic worlds to life! Your team will bring your own world to life by using cinematic, artistic, and/or theatrical techniques.

Team Choice Elements

Your team will showcase your collective interests, skills, strengths, and talents as a team and as individuals by creating and presenting two Team Choice Elements.

Videos for this Challenge will go live at 12 noon on Saturday, April 3rd.

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