Learning Outcomes

Social Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Video Production Techniques, Podcast Creation, Effective Storytelling


Making a difference in your community takes hard work, dedication, and compassion. In this Challenge, you and your team will choose a need in a community and plan, develop, and execute a Project to address that need.

Video Presentation

Share your team’s Project and its goals with others! Your team will create a Video Presentation in the style of a Podcast that shares information about your team’s Project. Don’t forget to include a Commercial Break!


Podcasts can be a perfect way to broadcast your enthusiasm for your community need and Project. Your team will tell a story in a team-created Podcast that includes a Cliffh anger and a Quirky Character.

Commercial Break

And now, a Commercial Break! Commercials can share information, bring you to tears, or just make you laugh. Your Commercial Break will make an Outrageous Claim and be presented between two parts of your Podcast.

Project Evaluation

Your Project should make a difference in your community. Your team will create a goal for your Project and then evaluate the results of your Project. Integrate the results of your Project into your Video Presentation to share how your team made a difference!

Team Choice Elements

Your team will showcase your collective interests, skills, strengths, and talents as a team and as individuals by creating and presenting two Team Choice Elements.

Videos for this Challenge will go live at 12 noon on Sunday, April 4th.

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