Learning Outcomes

Improvisational Techniques, Research Skills, Forensic Science, Effective Storytelling

Video Presentation

Solving a Mystery can be so much fun! Your team will create an improvisational Video Presentation that tells a story about a Detective and a Sidekick who team up to solve a Mystery. Along the way, they’ll use a Forensic Technique to get one step closer to solving the Mystery. Include a True Clue and a Red Herring in the Video Presentation.


What is the Mystery that needs to be solved? Has something been stolen? Did the furniture become rearranged? What’s the strange smell in the air? You will find out right before the tournament what mystery awaits. The Detective and Sidekick will figure out how to solve the Mystery!

Detective and Sidekick

Every good detective needs a sidekick! Your team will research the 8 Detectives that are listed in the Challenge. Your team will choose 1 Detective and 1 Sidekick from the list of Improv Unknowns that will be released. How will they solve the Mystery?

Forensic Techniques

The game is afoot! Your team will research 8 different Forensic Techniques and when the Improv Unknowns are released you will choose 1 to help solve the Mystery.

True Clue and Red Herring

Clues are an important part of solving a Mystery. Your team will integrate a True Clue that helps to solve the Mystery. Watch out for the misleading Red Herring, though!

Videos for this Challenge will go live at 12 noon on Monday, April 5th.

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