Learning Outcomes

Music, Lyrics, Video Production Techniques, Interpreting Literature, Effective Storytelling, Costume Design

Music Video

Music and Lyrics can be powerful communication tools. Music can be used to convey emotions and Lyrics can be used to convey details. What happens when Music and Lyrics are used to tell a story? Use your creativity to produce your very own Music Video that uses team-created Music and Lyrics to tell a story.


Literature allows us to travel to other realms, times, and cultures. Through your Music Video, your team will bring a piece of Literature to life in a brand new way. What adventures await?


From masks to robes to silly hats, costumes help define a character. The shapes, colors, and textures of a costume’s design can make a character truly memorable. Use your costume design skills to create a Costume for one character in your Music Video.

Production Techniques

Production Techniques are used in music videos to make a story more exciting or meaningful. Your team will research Production Techniques and use at least 3 to enhance your team-created Music Video.

Team Choice Elements

Your team will showcase your collective interests, skills, strengths, and talents as a team and as individuals by creating and presenting two Team Choice Elements.

Videos for this Challenge will go live at 12 noon on Monday, April 5th.

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