Learning Outcomes

Architectural Design, Visual Arts, Video Production Techniques, Effective Storytelling

Model of a Building

Imagine what happens when a Visual Art Style and an Architecture Style collide to inspire the creation of a building. What would be the purpose of the building? Storage? Living space? Work? You decide when you create a single three-dimensional physical model of a building. Don’t forget to include some Visual Art and Architectural Style Features in your architectural design!


Opposites can sometimes come together in harmony and enhance the qualities of each other. In your team-created story, you will tell about how opposites are complementary. You will also integrate your model of a building and a Planning Artifact into your story.

Video Presentation

Create a Video Presentation to share your story and model of a building! As you tell your story, be sure your team showcases the features of your team-created model. Part of your Video Presentation should be done in Split Screen.

Team Choice Elements

Your team will showcase your collective interests, skills, strengths, and talents as a team and as individuals by creating and presenting two Team Choice Elements.

Videos for this Challenge will go live at 12 noon on Saturday, April 3rd.

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