Create and present a story about a critter who goes on a big adventure. Your story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Picture Book

Write and illustrate a picture book to tell your team’s story. Your picture book should include both words and pictures. Your team may decide whether all pages are bound together as a traditional book would be, or whether the pages are separate from one another to help present the story during the Video Presentation.

Team Members

All team members should help create the Video Presentation. Team members may help create the Video Presentation in any way, including writing and/or illustrating the picture book; making sound effects and/or special effects; being characters, singers, narrators, and/or voice actors; and/or helping to direct and edit the Video Presentation.


Include a critter character who goes on a big adventure. Your team may choose to include any other characters you would like.

Visual Special Effect

Include a visual special effect for your picture book. The special effect could be
physical, such as a pop-up picture, a flap that reveals something, or a part of a
page that moves. Or, the special effect could be digital, such as digital art,
animation, or a filter.


Create and present a song that helps tell your story. Your song may be
presented at any time during the Video Presentation. It could be an
introduction to the story, a song the critter sings to help it on its adventure, a
song other characters sing to offer support to the critter, background music, or
anything else your team chooses.

Videos for this Challenge will go live at 12 noon on Sunday, April 4th.

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